Personal responsibility, dignity, and freedom are at the core of who we are as individuals and as a nation.


The freely made choices of free people is the best method for ensuring a healthy economy.


It’s up to We the People to hold our representatives accountable, and to ensure that future generations have “a land of the free and home of the brave.”

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The Key to Restoring America:
Securing the Responsibility, Dignity and
Freedom of Every American

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Why Restoring America?

Our nation is a crossroads. Regulations, entitlements, and abandonment of responsibility have created the perfect storm.
Contrastly, never before in history have so many people been ready for principles over party, justice over self-service and leadership over manipulation.
It’s not the politicians who will secure our freedom: It’s the individuals who make up We the People.

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Bob Guess

Bob Guess

- Freedoms Coach
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