Robbed With a Pen Again: A Guide to Protecting your Assets

Robbed With a Pen Again: A Guide to Protecting your Assets


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There are always new and creative ways agents, advisors, and bankers attempt to scam you for your money. As Woodie Guthrie sings, “Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.”

You spent a lifetime accumulating your assets and protecting them so you can retire with a sense of dignity. This is vital to your peace of mind. Senior adults control 70% of our nation’s wealth and are the most-targeted by the financially dishonest.

I will show you how you can keep yourself from being scammed by financial predators and reveal some of the latest ways the industry and agents attempt to deceive you with high commission products. I’ll identify these financial predators through a breakdown of the 2008 financial crisis. Get ready for the ride of your life as we pull back the curtain on financial predators and explore the true investment opportunities that will allow you to protect and preserve what you have spent a lifetime accumulating.

-Bob Guess

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